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Borewell Contractors
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We are one of the leading Borewell Service Providers offering Borewell, which is a well of 61/2" to 12" in diameter drilled into the earth for retrieving water. A borewell is cased in the region of loose subsoil strata open in hard rock. We offer various depth of borewell, which can vary from 150 feet to 3000 feet. Ancient techniques used driving of tubes inside the earth to drill well using mud or water as a liquid media.
Then after the invention of diesel engines, rotary drilling was used to remove cores out of the earth. This was called calex method. Modern techniques applied of air compressors and pneumatic drilling equipments to drill borewells upto 3000 feet.

We, KANNAN BOREWELLS drill water wells for various purposes like residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural purpose etc.

Borewell Drilling

  • Borewells – 4”, 6” and 6 ½”(Surface & Inwell)

  • Drilling & Grouting

  • Drilling & Blasting

  • Horizontal & Inclined Borewells

  • Micro Piling

  • Earthing - Holes


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